Professional Dog Walking

By Zenful Pet Care

*This service is offered only in Marin County, CA & seven (7) days throughout the week.

In a group oriented setting (six dogs or fewer) led by Tyler Hickerson, the pack will embark on routine walks that will have your dog(s) out of the house for at least one (1) hour & fifteen minutes.

Every on-leash walk will provide light behavioral commands & training. These walks aren't tailored for strict, heavy training as they are meant to provide each dog a space to have fun & socialize naturally. The purpose behind the "light behavioral commands & training" is so that each dog acts in an obedient manner alongside the rest of the pack.

Zenful Pet Care is insured. Zenful Pet Care accepts payments for its services via Zelle & Google Pay.

For all inquiries & further information regarding Zenful Pet Care's services (rates, scheduling, etc.) please email to contact Tyler Hickerson directly.

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