Internal Habitat

By Opal Gallerier & Opal Ruins

Internal Habitat is multifaceted gaming technology developed by Opal Gallerier & Opal Ruins with open-world gaming capabilities. These capabilities infuse algorithmic data, sito-adaptation & artificial intelligence to give the audience a vast array of both fictional & non-fictional reference points

These reference points allow the audience to explore Internal Habitat franchises in an environment that naturally evolves in a tailored fashion depending on play style, physical & neurological attributes, personality, etc. 

All Internal Habitat franchises will incorporate actual currency, never cryptocurrency, allowing the audience to simulate how to build wealth. Payouts will be facilitated via Stripe, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Venmo, Cash App or PayPal.

The franchise within Internal Habitat's ecosystem that is currently under development includes: Death & Egos.

All soundtracks, discographies, visuals & ideas behind Internal Habitat is constructed & solely owned by Opal Ruins. Internal Habitat & all intellectual property involved in its formation is solely owned by Combinations LLC.

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